You Don’t See Clearly

If you struggle with your self esteem, then chances are someone, sometime, has made you believe that you are not good enough.  In fact, you have spent your entire life being told by the media, sometimes your teachers, and worse, sometimes your parents and family, that you are not good enough.  You have years of filters in front of your eyes that constantly enforce these entrenched ideas.

You come to believe that the good things people say about you are false.  You believe that you are the only person who can see the inner you and you know better.  If only they could see what you see, they would see how ugly, how petty, how selfish you are.  No compliment can ever penetrate your all seeing, all judging eyes.

The thing is, you don’t see yourself clearly.  You have these ideas rattling around in your brain, beating you up, making you blind to your real effect on the world.  You see how much better you should have been, and not how amazing you are.  You see how you let yourself down, and miss that you inspired the world around you to greatness.  You see the words you hid inside, and think because of them, the words you shared, that touched, changed, and saved a life aren’t true.

Just for a moment, think about the people you love.  Chances are, you love the things they do for people.  You love the way they make other people feel.  You love their generosity, their compassion, their tenderness, their strength, their honesty.

Every person you love has their own voice telling them the things that you love aren’t real, aren’t good enough. That they don’t matter.  For every positive trait, something is telling them it isn’t good enough.  And for some of them, that voice is winning.  You know they lack confidence.  You know they can’t see how amazing they are.  Your heart aches to see them ignore every amazing trait.

If only they could see the truth through your eyes.  If only they could see how amazing they are.  If only you could reach them through all of their struggles, all of the self deprecation, and just show them what you see.  They couldn’t help but love themselves if they could see themselves clearly.

While society, and its misguided members, have spent a lifetime programming them to be unable to see how great they are, they haven’t managed to fog the eyes of the heart.  They cannot dull our ability to feel compassion and love for others.  We see each other much more clearly than we see ourselves, because no one can take away the eyes of our hearts.

Because our view of each other is not clouded by the years of programming, we see the important facets of people clearly.  We rejoice at their compassion.  We are touched by their tenderness.  We are heartened by their strength.  The people who love you, they see the way you touch the world and they love you for it.  They see your affect on other people’s lives and it makes them want to wrap you up in hugs.  They see how you judge yourself and they sob in despair.

It is time for you to stop believing a lifetime of lies.  Stop believing you know better than the people who love you.  Listen to the people you care about.  They know you better than you think, just as you know them better than they think.  Believe, just for a second, that what they see is real, because it is.

You are a remarkable, wondrous being.  The people you love, who love you, see the effects and impact you have on the world and on the people around you and they are transfixed by your beauty.  Each of them wishes you could see what they see, because they see someone so spectacular that if you could, you would never doubt yourself again.  So listen to those people.  You love them for a reason.  They love you for a reason.  The reason is valid and significant.  It is your ability to ignore that reason that is questionable.  Do away with it.

And believe me, you are beautiful.  I love you.  I think you are remarkable.  I think you are incredible.  I wish you could see all the good that I see in you, because you would never question yourself again about your own self worth.